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Added value for our clients is also represented by competent substitution and continuity.

The aim of the law firm M&M Legal is to provide clients with comprehensive, efficient, fast, and qualified legal assistance while solving their problems. Interests of our clients are paramount and their satisfaction is our primary goal. In achieving this objective, teamwork is essential in considerating the various legal opinions allowing us to pick the optimal solution.

We provide legal assistance in a flexible and personal approach depending on the client's needs. Providing assistance after the working hours is of course available in person, via email, or by phone.

Providing quality professional services successfully eliminates any damage to the client. To further ensure greater security to our clients, our law firm has an insurance policy with a total coverage of 1 500 000 €.

The primary aim of our law firm is maximum protection of the interests and rights of our clients. We achieve this using individual approach, transparency, efficiency, protection, and confidentiality of all information we become privy to.

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Qualified electronic signature

Our law firm disposes with a signature ZEP (qualified electronic signature) which we provide to our clients with prompt submission of applications to the state authorities. Qualified electronic signature will also reduce some fees in half or even 100 % of the original fee.

Legal services are provided in 3 languages




Legal Services

Comprehensive legal services and legal advice in commercial law and corporate law for small and medium enterprises and corporations including foreign clients.

Commercial law

  • Legal advice when negotiating and concluding contracts
  • Contracts (preparation , annotation, assessment, legal analysis)
  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • Bills of exchange and prmissory notes
  • Securities Law
  • Creations, changes, disposal and revocation of a company

Labor law

  • Contract law
  • Representation in labor disputes


  • Management and recovery of debt
  • Proposals for the commencement of enforcement proceedings and representation in enforcement proceedings
  • Representation in tax proceedings
  • Representation in administrative proceedings
  • Securities law
  • Representation in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings

Family law

  • Child support
  • Representation in divorce proceedings
  • The rights and duties of parents to children

Constitutional law

  • Drafting constitutional complaint including representation in proceedings before the Constitutional Court

Civil law

  • Contract law
  • Inheritance and succession law
  • Land law
  • Real Estate Law

European law

  • Consultancy in private law relations with an international element by applying the regulation of Rome I , Rome II . , Brussels I , Brussels II